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EXPERIMENTAL LABEL: Colombia La Davisa Anaerobic

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Notes: Brown sugar, plum, floral

Process: Anaerobic

Region: Quindio

Varietal: Castillo

Elevation: 1600-2200


Our second Experimental coffee! This coffee pushes the boundaries of what coffee can taste like. It has punchy, sweet, and floral notes that will be sure to wake you up in the morning. Any brewing method will work with this coffee as it's pretty hard to mask the immense flavor that this coffee brings. 

More About This Coffee

This coffee was grown by Diofanor Ruiz at the farm La Davisa . This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to select only the ripest cherries. The cherries were then fermented for 40 hours in an anaerobic environment. Afterwards, the coffee was sundried until ideal moisture content was achieved.

 Diofanor Ruiz was born into a traditional family of coffee farmers and was heavily involved on the farm from a young age. Don Diofanor decided to continue with coffee and became a certified coffee farmer in 2003. In 2005, Diofanor was able to buy his farm, La Davisa. La Davisa is 14 hectares in size and is located at 1950 m.a.s.l in Buenavista, Quindio. He lives at La Davisa with his wife and their young son, who currently studying agroforestry engineering.

Alongside the coffee trees, Diofanor has planted a range of other trees at La Davisa to improve soil composition, provide shade for the coffee trees and increase the farms’ resilience. He has a collection of fruits such as bananas, mandarins, guava, and oranges. Also, Diofanor has planted an array of native trees such as Guamo, Guayacanes, and Tigua to contribute with the agroforestry in his region. When talking with Diofanor, he remembers a time when no farmers would taste their own coffee. It wasn’t seen as something important to farmers because of the enormous gap in understanding.

It was in 2005 when, after tasting his coffee for the first time, Diofanor decided to move away from traditional farming methods in favour of more quality-focused practices. This decision has had a huge impact on his livelihood and now drives him in all that he does at La Divisa.

In 2017, Diofanor started working with Cofinet. Diofanor says that thanks to the technical assistance provided by Cofinet, he has been able to make further improvements in the quality of coffee he produces. Diofanor has also adopted some of Cofinets processing protocols with some incredible results. We are honored to be working hand in hand with Diofanor and hope our relationship will continue for many years to come.