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Part 4. PROPER BREWING EQUIPMENT (Essentials for Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee)

Proper Brewing Equipment
In order to brew a great cup of coffee you will need some specific gear. In our previous post we talked a lot about grinders, but let's talk about a few other necessary tools.
The list of other equipment is as follows:
1. Burr Grinder 
  • This is necessary because a great cup requires a certain ratio of water to coffee. Too much water and it will taste...watery. Too little water and your cup will taste overly heavy, bold, and typically sour. A good ratio to anywhere from 14:1-18:1. A good place to start is 16:1. Let's say you put 50 grams of coffee in your home brewer. Multiply 50 x 16 and you 
3. A Device to Brew With
  •  Pourover
    • V60 
      • A pourover is a cheap way to make excellent coffee. It does take about 4 minutes per brew, so it's not great for brewing for more than 2 people. 
  • Electric Drip Brewer
    • Ratio 6  Home Brewer
      • This is an elevated home brewer that has everything you need to brew a great coffee. It's essentially an automatic pourover machine. Great for brewing 6-8 cups of coffee. 

4. Goose Neck Kettle

It isn't necessary to spend lots of money on a kettle. It simply needs two components. 1) A small goose neck for control 2) Thermostat for water temp control. Upscale kettles such as the Fellow Stagg (listed below) have other cool features like self heating and temperature hold settings. These are nice to have but your coffee won't know the difference!