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Latest V60 Pourover Brew Guides

V60 Brew guide: Kenya Wahundura AA

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Our Stock Home Electric Drip Coffee Recipe

Watch video above "Our Home Electric Drip Coffee Recipe" to follow along

Recipe for Ratio 6 drip coffee brewer/ Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder

Come Follow Along


Brewing coffee well, can be tricky. Depending on your equipment, and technique, the same bean can taste drastically different. "Different", meaning a range from really yummy, to flat, bitter, and uninteresting. It's our mission to help you brew better coffee so that you get the most value out of your purchase!

In order to accomplish this, we will provide a recipe for each coffee that we roast. To access the recipe, either scan the QR located on your bag of coffee (in the future), or look under "Brew Recipes" on our website. 

I won't sugar coat this. In order to get great results from our recipes, you'll need to purchase the same gear that we use (see above). Without the same gear, the recipes will not translate nearly as well. We recognize this will take time, but we intentionally chose gear that is currently popular on the market, and effective at producing a great cup. 

If you don't have our gear, we still think there is value in trying the recipes and adjusting them for your equipment. Come Follow Along!