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Current Roastery V60 Recipe

Equipment Needed
  • Burr Grinder
  • V60 (size 02)
  • Scale
  • Third Wave Water (1/2 strength)
  • Kettle (205F)
19 grams coffee/ 285-315 grams of water (depending on processing. We use 285 for all coffees other than washed, which we use 315 grams of water for)
1. Pour to 60 grams in 10 secs. Spin the brewer well 3-5 times to mix the water and coffee together.
2. @ 35 secs, pour up to 200 grams in circles, finishing your pour by 1 minute. Spin the brewer gently, once, to agitate the coffee just a bit.
3. @ 1:30, pour the rest of your water finishing at 1:45. Spin the brew once to agitate the coffee. 
4. Final draw down time (when you can see the bed of coffee) should be between 2:30-3 minutes