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Guatemala Finca El Amate Natural

  Notes: Spiced Apple, Wine

Process: Natural

Region: Huehuetenango

Varietal: Bourbon

Elevation: 1600


This coffee was produced by Petronilo Martinez in a remote, but legendary region of Guatemala, called Huehuetenango. Petronilo's coffee consistently places in the annual Guatemala Cup of Excellence, which is how we discovered him. We were able to reach him through Instagram of all places, and he graciously found a way to get us his coffee! We're lucky to have it and look forward to bringing in more of his coffee in the years to come.  

This is an interesting cup of coffee. It doesn't fit within the typical fruity or nutty/chocolaty category but rather it's a mix, of slight fermented, fruit, and spice notes that reminds us a little of cider. Fitting for late fall. 

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