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Colombia Inza Recipe

V60 Recipe W/ Commandante Grinder
  • 18 Grams of Coffee
  • 300 grams Third Wave Water @ 210 F
  • 25 Clix (pretty coarse)


1. Wet filter 

2. Pour 60 grams in 10 seconds. Immediately, using a spoon, push spoon to bottom of the brewer and gently pull and push grounds 3 times back and forth. This will mix all of the dry coffee with the water. Leave your kettle off the heater during the entire bloom so the water cools for the 2nd part of the brew.

3. @ 1:30 begin your second and final pour. Pour to 300 G by 2:05 seconds.

(Your pour height is important. Find where the water splashes on the surface and then drop your hand until that stops. That's your pour height. The entire 2nd pour you will pour in the center as if you are circling a quarter. )

4. Once you are finished pouring, immediately give the brewer a gentle spin so the water whirlpools completely in a circle around the sides of the brewer once. (This flattens the bed and breaks up channels that may be forming. )

5. @ 2:20 take your spoon and gently excavate the grounds by dipping your spoon deep into the grounds and turning over the bed of grounds. This will slow down the brew and increase agitation which will pull more flavor out of the coffee.

6. Total draw down time should be between 3:05-3:15. 

Notes: When this coffee is brewed well, the mouthfeel is like a glass of water, not drying, or sharp. This brew is meant to combine a coarse grind size w/ high agitation. The agitation is the key to the extraction.  For this brew, our sources of agitation are the high pouring height, excavation, and long bloom time. Without proper execution of these components your brew may end up sour/weak due to under extraction. 

Adjustments: If your brew ends up sour/weak and you feel you've executed the brew well do one of the following in this order with a new brew following each adjustment . 1) Extend bloom time to 2 minutes 2) Grind 1 setting finer (24 clix).

If it ends up feeling dry on the tongue and tastes hollow/bitter, do the following in this order with a new brew after each adjustment 

1) Drop water amount to 290 grams 2) Grind 1 setting coarser (26)