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Ethiopia Dur Feres

V60 Recipe
Ground Coffee: 18 Grams
Water: 270 Grams (205F)
Grind Size: 23 Commandante | 5 1/2 Fellow Ode
1. Pour to 60 g in 10 seconds and swirl the brewer to mix the grounds with the water
2. @ 40 seconds pour to 200 by 1:05. Swirl brewer once gently.
3. @1:35 pour to 270 by 1:50. Swirl brewer once.
Drawdown time should be between 3 mins-3:20.
When brewed correctly you'll notice fruit notes such as blueberry. If it drains too quickly, you may notice grassy, vinegary notes. If the draw down time is too slow, your coffee will have very little flavor and and a harsh texture.