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Paper Route Recipes

Home Drip Recipe


  • Ratio Six Drip Machine
  • Fellow Ode Generation 2 Grinder


  • 950 Grams Water (Third Wave Water 75 TDS  which is a half pack of Third Wave water into a gallon of distilled water)
  • 62 Grams Ground Coffee
    • Grind Setting 8 on Fellow Ode 


1. Pour hot water from faucet or kettle over paper filter to remove paper taste.

2. Add ground coffee to brew basket and shake until coffee bed is level

3. Add coffee to brew basket and begin brewing

Tips: I do not use the top hat of the brew basket, while brewing, which gives me access to the coffee grounds. After the brewer finishes the bloom stage, I use a spoon to push any dry grounds that aren't saturated, into the rest of the slurry so that all the grounds are evenly saturated. As the rest of the brew continues, I rotate the brew basket in a circle to ensure the entire coffee bed is being evenly wet. I do this until I'm confident that the brew is happening in a uniform fashion.


Results- If the coffee tastes sweet and balanced, you had a successful brew! If the coffee tastes weak and a touch sharp, you should grind, 1 grind size finer (1 line) and repeat the brew. If the coffee really dries your tongue out, and tastes empty or harsh, grind 1 line coarser and repeat the brew.