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Colombia Yoiner Mosquera Pink Bourbon

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Notes: Citrus, Passion Fruit

Elevation: 1,620 MASL

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Region: Huila, Colombia

Producer: Yoiner Mosquera
Back for another year, we have fan favorite, Colombia Yoiner Mosquera! This coffee is clean, with vibrant citrus notes, and a sweet, syrupy finish. We find this coffee to be easy to drink and we are pumped to have it back!

More About The Coffee

This is the 2nd year we have purchased coffee from Yoiner Mosquera. We connected with him through Herbert Peneloza and the LaREB collective. LaReb collective partners with producers in Colombia, bringing direct trade Colombian coffee to cups around the globe.  Yoiner, happens to be one of those producers. He is in his early 40’s (rather young for a coffee producer in Colombia), and part of the new generation driving the family business forward, tightening connections with LaREB and doubling down the focus on quality.
The washed process used here is also a Colombian tradition, de-pulped, fermented for approximately 24 hours, washed, then dried on raised beds.